Cath Knijnenburg (pronounced K-nine-en-burg) is an emerging visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

After studying both Fine Art and Graphic Design, she was initially drawn to accuracy and precision therefore pursued a career in Visual Communication and Branding. Over time, Cath found increasing ways to include handmade elements in her work and painting became her go-to place for peace and fulfilment.

Drawing influence from her mountainside home, Cath depicts flora, fauna and references botanical form throughout her practice. Exploration of growth, movement, seasons and change is seen through graphic patterns and her work also plays with the concept of positive and negative space.

Cath is passionate about originality and the unique and authentic beauty it can imbue in a space. She works predominantly in acrylics on raw-primed linen. Her contemporary style encompasses expressive and restrained elements, is layered, and sometimes utilises masking to reveal what lies beneath. Cath’s vibrant works evoke a deep sense of life and spirit, which beautifully reflect the context of modern Australia.

Cath is married and the mother of two young girls. Her family both encourage and challenge her Art practice. Cath loves authentic people, the outdoors, delicious food and creative pursuits. When not in her studio, she can most often be found in her garden, enjoying the view.